Zen HOMe

Heather Stern

What if your home felt more like a sanctuary instead of a cluttered mess?

Closet Cleanup  & Wardrobe Management
Furniture Rearrangement
Home Organization & Downsizing
We will help you purge, organize and make your closet feel like your favorite store. Putting together ready-made outfits will help you save time getting dressed and feel confident walking out the door.

Depending on your lifestyle, clothes can be organized by color, occasion or season.
Let's give that room new life without breaking the bank. Maybe just rearranging the furniture, inserting new throw pillows or a great piece of art will completely revitalize your space. 

For bigger projects, we partner with a team of top designers and architects who can handle any of your interior needs and accomplish all of your design goals. 
Wondering what to do with all the stuff that you have accumulated? Our experts will show you the tricks and tips to living clutter free and never going back to the disaster zone. 

We also specialize in helping seniors who are downsizing into new homes or within their retirement communities. Our goal is to make every environment feel like home.
    C​​​​​​​an't find the car keys,  
    your favorite dress  for
    an event or  your  kid's
    toy   that   they  simply
    cannot  live  with  out?​

   This causes us all to feel
   unraveled and stressed.